oil pumps

MasterKit Brand New – oil pumps are available.

Aluminum alloy body.

Toothed pulley and tooth wheels are made of special alloy ultra-strength steel.

The constant lubrication of driven and driving wheel is provided by distilled oil.

Excellent lubrication and engine cooling.

MasterKit Oil Pump is manufactured for oil supply to grease, cool down, cleaning and protection from corrosion of engine moving parts, such as buckets, bearings, piston rings, springs and others. It’s started by crankshaft and provides oil circulation in quantity strictly necessary for the efficient lubrication of the most important components, removal of excess heat and chips.

It’s obvious that oil pump performance is very important. Its failure may lead to seizure of engine’s moving elements and its full breakdown. And even in case of pump work deviation it leads to the increased mechanical and thermal wear of lubricating parts, increased oil consumption and other local problems, which further may lead to global failures.