About MasterKit

MasterKit was founded in 2009 in Italy and specializes in the development and supply of auto parts for passenger cars and commercial vehicles.

The company's slogan is "A solution in one set!”

The entire product range is designed in Italy.

Today MasterKit offers the best all-in-one vehicle maintenance solutions - timing chain replacement kits and brake caliper repair kits.

Assembled products ready for installation and operation are also present in the company’s product range.

  • Today, MasterKit products are manufactured at 47 factories, using the most modern and high-quality materials and equipment. All enterprises manufacturing MasterKit products comply with international Quality Management Systems standards, which require that in the manufacturing process all products be rigorously tested at all stages of production.

    The popularity of MasterKit timing chain kits, gasket kits and brake repair kits comes from the reduced selection time as all the necessary elements are already assembled in one set. The MasterKit products have won the trust of car enthusiasts, car service centers and spare parts stores for their excellent quality and affordable prices.

    The MasterKit product range currently includes more than 4,000 product titles.

  • The MasterKit products comprise the following product groups:

    • Engine parts

    • Brake system

    • Steering system

    All products are warranted for up to 2 years of operation or up to 60,000 km.

    The company's website contains an easy to use electronic catalog of products accompanied by descriptions, technical information and photographs. The search can be carried out by OEM number, substitute number, car make and model, or engine designation. For any questions, the company’s clients can always contact support by phone, company e-mail or on the MasterKit page on Instagram.