It is hereby guaranteed that MasterKit products are free from material, structural and manufacturing defects at the time of delivery, as also they conform to the technical manufacturing requirements or agreed technical specifications. The warranty period begins from the moment the goods are purchased by the end consumer.

Whichever occurs first, the following MasterKIt products warranty is provided:

  • Chains, tensioners, dampers, guides (tensioner shoes) and gears - 2 years or 60000 km.
  • Variable valve timing mechanisms (phase shifters) - 2 years or 60000 km.
  • Engine lubrication oil pumps - 2 years or 60000 km.
  • Gas distribution valves (admission and emission valves) - 2 years or 60000 km.
  • Engine covers - 2 years or 60000 km.
  • Power steering pumps - 1 year or 30000 km.
  • Steering gears - 1 year or 30000 km.
  • Hydraulic cylinders and brake calipers - 1 year or 30000 km.
  • Repair kits for hydraulic brake system (caliper repair kits) - 6 months or 15000 km.
  • Installation kits for disc and drum brake pads - 1 year or 30000 km.
  • Pipelines (metal tubes) of hydraulic brake system and brake calipers - 1 year or 30000 km.
  • Flexible pipelines (rubber hoses) of hydraulic brake system - 1 year or 30000 km.
  • Engine gaskets and seals - 1 year or 30000 km.

MasterKit products’ warranty is subject to proper installation (by qualified personnel using special tools) and according to the installation instructions for the original MasterKit products or items. The service maintenance periods indicated by the device manufacturer are only binding for the duration of the above warranty period.

In all warranty cases, an audit of the relevant MasterKit products must be carried out in the MasterKit technical center to determine the validity of claims

MasterKit processes all warranted valid claims as a matter of priority and with the utmost care to satisfy customer needs.


To file a warranty claim, please contact the distributor where you purchased the MasterKit product and describe the problem. The distributor will assess the situation and make a decision on whether it is necessary to involve a MasterKit specialist in the case study or whether it is required to arrange a return of MasterKit products (as well as all components related to the claim) to the MasterKit technical center.

Documents required for consideration of claim: *

  1. A completed warranty card for the relevant MasterKit product (for chain kits).
  2. A copy of the vehicle owner’s statement of claim, certified by the trading organization, or the original statement of claim.
  3. A document confirming the purchase of the goods from the trading organization (sales receipt).
  4. A copy of the order for the installation of MasterKit products, bearing the repair shop’s stamp and signed by the responsible persons.
  5. An inspection report or an order drawn up following the submission of the claim by the customer, containing comments and a description of the product defect, and bearing the repair shop’s stamp and signed by the responsible persons.
  6. If any errors are recorded in the memory of the electronic control unit, a printout of ALL the registered faults from the diagnostic scanner (or a photo of the device screen) is required for ALL claims involving allegations of errors in the system’s operation.


The MasterKit product warranty does not cover defects resulting from:

  • Lack of or unqualified vehicle maintenance.
  • Non-compliance with the product transportation and storage requirements.
  • Inconsistencies of the purchased product model and vehicle equipment according to the catalog (selection error).
  • Damage to parts as a result of an accident, natural disaster, harm caused by the actions of third parties and other force majeure circumstances.
  • Modification or restoration of parts.
  • Product wear or damage to the product due to the use of related materials (such as technical fluids, lubricants, fasteners and other components) of inadequate quality.
  • Violations of the vehicle manufacturer’s recommendations during installation of the product (low qualification, lack of appropriate materials, tools and equipment).
  • Operation under inappropriate conditions (modification of the vehicle structure, participation in sporting events, military operations, etc.).
  • Contamination of the MasterKit product with foreign objects, inclusions, materials, corrosive liquids, etc.
  • Failure (defect) of a product manufactured outside of MasterKit and entailing premature loss of function of the MasterKit product.
  • Use of counterfeit parts.

*Simplified warranty terms are available for MasterKit-certified companies. For more information, leave a request at INFO@MASTERKIT.IT or use the feedback form on the MASTERKIT.IT website in the "CONTACTS" section.