valves OCV from MasterKit

The engines of most modern cars are equipped with valve timing systems in various modifications (VVT-i, VANOS, i-VTEC, Ti-VCT, etc.) and/or variable capacity oil pumps. Such solutions make the operation of a modern engine more efficient and economical over the entire range of rotational speeds and loads. To change the state of the components of these systems, hydraulic oil flow control valves OCV - oil control valve are used, which have an electromagnetic actuator assembly with the valve or separately from it.

The 77BCV**** oil supply control valves from MasterKit, thanks to the use of modern technologies, provide the necessary oil throughput in exact accordance with the requirements of the electronic engine control unit.

MasterKit produces valves for each engine modification in accordance with the original part, and the reliability and quality of the products is ensured by the following solutions:

- The valve plunger and its body are made taking into account the requirements for accuracy and roughness of the working surface. The tolerance in the manufacture of these parts is thousandths of a millimeter. The parts of the hydraulic part of the valve - the plunger and the body - after manufacture are additionally sorted by size into several groups using calibers. Then the calibrated parts of certain groups are assembled in pairs – housing-plunger. This ensures the required clearance in this precision pair. The use of such technology ensures the valve life at the same level as the life of the part installed at the factory during the assembly of the engine.

- The winding of the solenoid valve is made of calibrated copper wire.
The number of turns of the wire of such an electromagnet is strictly regulated. The power of the magnet depends on this.
Copper with a low content of impurities and oxides is used for the manufacture of wire. This ensures the minimum resistance of the conductor, and hence the maximum speed of the electromagnet.

- The electrical contacts in the connector are connected to the winding wire by contact spot welding in a protective gas environment. Thus, the formation of oxides, which usually occurs during traditional soldering of wires to contacts using solder and flux, is eliminated during manufacture.
The combination of these two factors – the use of high-purity copper and contact welding technology - ensures the durability of the electromagnet coil.

- The electrical connectors of the valves (housing and contacts), the location of the "keys" of the connector housing, locks, and the thickness of the contacts are identical to the valves used when assembling the engine at the factory.

- Seals of the valve body and electrical connector ensure tightness and absence of engine oil leaks.

The above solutions allow the 77BCV**** valves from MasterKit to have the required speed and reliability corresponding to the original parts. MasterKit solenoid valves are guaranteed for 1 year or 30,000 km of mileage. Go to catalog