Steering racks

  • High-precision manufacturing and preassembly selection of parts with the smallest gaps ensure easy driveability and driving comfort

  • Hardness and durability of materials for the manufacture of work items: steering rack shaft and splined shaft ensure the reliability and durability of the steering gear at least as long as the work life of the original one

  • Factory lubrication and careful transportation ensure complete readiness for mounting

  • Rubber seals of OEM suppliers

  • Easy driveability, safe driving, comfort in motion.

  • The hydraulic system of the amplifier ensures a significant and sustained reduction in torque transmitted to the steering wheel.
  • Rubber-silicone corrugated anthers on the ends of the steering rack shaft coming out of the housing ensure reliable sealing of the steering gear working parts from mechanical °С to +40 °С.С to +40 °С to +40 °С.С.
  • After assembly, the steering mechanisms undergo 100% quality control with their connection to hydraulic simulators and testing of load modes with measuring longitudinal forces at the ends of the steering rack shaft on specialized equipment.
  • The kits are fully prepared for installation of mechanisms onto the car in an auto repair shop or independently.