The range of our company includes over 2,500 items covering the fleet of European, Japanese, and Korean vehicles.
Timing chain repair kit
Braking system repair kits
Gas distribution system phase controllers
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Kit di riparazione di catene di distribuzione di gas

Our range of Timing chains repair kits includes over 200 kit items. It covers the fleet of over 2,800 vehicle models of European, Korean, and Japanese production.
Three set options are available:
Kit (K) – includes chains, tensioners, and guides.
Full Kit (FK) – Full kit includes all components as in the Kit (K), plus chain gears, washers, seals, and bolts.
Full Kit with VVT (VFK) – Comprehensive option including all components as in FK kit, plus VVT chain gears.

Production of timing chains for gas distribution system is located at factories shipping their products to the vehicle manufacturers' assembly lines. Quality complies with OEM!
All finished products are subject to thorough control on different parameters. Quality of timing chains and tensioners is under special control. The chains are tested for tensile strength using special testing equipment. Each tensioner goes through the testing process on automated stands. Everything is aimed at creation of world-class quality products! Our engineers have developed unique timing chain kits for the following makes: BMW M62TU B44, SsangYong D20DT DIESEL, HYUNDAI ACCENT 15 2014-