Brake Caliper

Advanced. New.
Simplicity and Reliability.

MasterKit has brake calipers of the most standard structures.
For manufacturing caliper components modern high-tech and long-wearing materials are used.
The structure of front and rear brake calipers is the same as ОЕМ, supplying to assembly lines of many leading motor manufacturers.
All products are newly made and have no any remanufactured components. This provides high quality and long life of brake calipers.
While manufacturing brake caliper components automatic and automated equipment is used. Besides, the quality of wall surfaces, manufacturing exactness, strengthens and roughnesses correspond to ОЕМ requirements of manufacturers.
While manufacturing all assembly units and finished brake calipers go through the obligatory testing.
A part of finished products goes through the extended testing, including the destruction test, providing quality and safety assurance.
The body of all products manufactured of ferrous metals, has anticorrosive electrolytic coating stable to external influence that provides suitable appearance of calipers and car as a whole for a long time.
If necessary, MasterKit uses special greases providing the efficiency of mechanism in the wide temperature range.
The combination of abovementioned MasterKit brake caliper qualities guaranties the reliable and uncompromising braking under any conditions.